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Step on board with akf bank

If you are looking to finance a yacht and fulfil the dream of a lifetime, our trusted financial partner for over 15 years, akf bank, provides personalised, confidential, tailor-made solutions, catered to your individual needs. Benefit from the wealth and knowledge of maritime expertise akf bank has garnered, having been in business as a leading private bank for more than 50 years, and rest assured that your yacht financing is in safe hands.

Akf bank has created a number of bespoke yacht finance options for those looking to purchase a yacht, to ensure complete flexibility for its clients. Akf bank’s maritime specialists are on-hand every step of the way to ensure a fully personalized service, so you can make your vision of having your own yacht a reality, much sooner than you think.

finance your yacht

Whether it’s a motor yacht, superyacht or sailing yacht you are looking to buy that is under construction, new or pre-owned, you can place your trust in akf bank to provide a marine finance solution that perfectly suits your requirements.

Ready to purchase the luxury yacht of your dreams? Lengers Yachts will gladly introduce you to our esteemed partners at akf bank, who will secure you yacht financing that works for you.

Enjoy the pure bliss of your own yacht, and jump aboard a life of ultimate comfort and luxury and experience your own private, luxury island at sea with akf bank.

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