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This is a sold yacht


BGX70 #01


Sold yacht

Year 2019

Length 21.86 m

Beam 5.60 m

Draft 1.60 m

Cabins 3 + 1

Yacht information

Bluegame BGX70, now exclusively for sale at Lengers Yachts. Pending French lease structure. The construction of the vessel was monitored and coordinated with this very experienced yacht owner and Lengers Yachts. Modifications have been made to the vessel based on the experience of the buyer and Lengers Yachts’. Yacht monitoring and controlling system is built-in and can be operated from mobile devices.

This brilliant power boat represents a totally new concept of yacht: with a revolutionary design, the BGX70 features a layout never seen before in a 70-foot yacht, that perfectly combines elegant lines and wide living spaces. Awarded as Most Avant-Garde Yacht 2019, as Best Custom Yacht 2020 and as Robb Report’s Best Comeback 2020, the BGX70 presents excellent nautical features, as well as the ability to tackle the sea extremely efficiently.

2020 upgades: Humphree electric stabilizing fins | Engine room isolation upgrade | Bow hull isolation upgrade |Kabola heating

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