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This is a sold yacht

42 Flybridge


Sold yacht

Year 2008

Length 13.36 m

Beam 4.16 m

Draft 0.9 m

Cabins 2

Yacht information

This Jeauneau Prestige 42 Fly was located in Croatia and is in very good condition. After purchase by the last owner, the entire ship was generally refitted and many things were exchanged and worked up. The whole service and inspection work was carried out annually. The boat is equipped with a cabin and a master cabin, 2 full bathrooms with shower and electric toilet. The spacious living and kitchen area is carpeted. All cabins and living area have SAT reception and TV sets. Terrace and bathing platform are covered with teak. There are covers in the very matching dark green tone as cockpit- and flybridgepersenning.


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