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460 flybridge


Starts from €725.200, - VAT not paid

Length 14.29 m

Beam 4.30 m

Draft 1.05 m

Yacht information

Prestige Yachts 460 flybridge is a perfect yacht for those who enjoy sociable cruising and sunbathing. Raised saloon lies on the main deck of the yacht, along with a fully equipped galley. It’s inviting space opens a magnificent view of the sea through 360 degrees’ panoramic windows. It is a wonderful place to admire marine views.

Spacious living zones have already become a traditional feature of the whole Prestige Yachts line, and Prestige Yachts 460 flybridge is not an exception.

A central master cabin occupies the full beam of the yacht, which makes Prestige Yachts 460 flybridge a unique mix of an intense social life upstairs and a quite intimate space downstairs. The interior design of two cabins provides living space of the yacht with a sense of delicate luxury. The Garroni Design leaves its unmissable sign in timeless lines and elegant look of the yacht.

The boat offers a spacious flybridge for the full enjoyment from the sun and the light sea breeze. Prestige Yachts 460 flybridge can be proud of its impeccable technical features. This luxury yacht has a great maneuverability and can cruise at a quite high speed. Easy to handle Prestige Yachts 460 flybridge will make each cruise an unforgettable journey full of enjoyment and pleasure.

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