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This is a sold yacht

Strider 11 Lengers Custom


Sold yacht

Year 2018

Length 11.0 m

Beam 3.73 m

Draft 0.7 m

Cabins 1

Yacht information

In the wake of the success of its predecessor, with which he shares the sportive character, the Sacs Strider 11 promises to its owners the perfect mix of emotion, relax and fun.

Bold and winning lines offer unexpexted comfort to speed over the waters towards corners of paradise or for a sunset cocktail with friends.

To demand every comfort even when you are gliding over the waves.

For those who have everything but want more! To be viewed in Muiden.

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Sacs-11-lengers-custom-Lengers-Yachts-4.jpg Sacs-11-lengers-custom-Lengers-Yachts-5.jpg Sacs-11-lengers-custom-Lengers-Yachts-2.jpg Sacs-11-lengers-custom-Lengers-Yachts-3.jpg Sacs-11-lengers-custom-Lengers-Yachts-1.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-2.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-3.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-4.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-1-1.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-6.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-7.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-8.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-9.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-10.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-11.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-12.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-13.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-14.jpg Sacs-Strider-11-Sport-RIB-motor-yacht-for-sale-Lengers-Yachts-15-1.jpg

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