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Hiswa in-water show 2019

From the 4th till the 8th of September, the Bataviahaven in Lelystad opened her doors for the 2nd time to Northern Europe’s largest in-water boat show: HISWA in-water show 2019.

POSTED On 15.07.2019

We certainly contributed our bit to the success of the show and our ship range was definitely not too less.

The yachts we had on display:
Prestige 680S
Prestige 590 - North European in-water premiere
Prestige 520
Prestige 460
Bluegame 42 - North European in-water premiere
Sacs Rebel 40 - North European in-water premiere
Sacs Strider 10

The first edition held in Lelystad was already a great success with 22,563 visitors (17% more than in 2017) but this year they even surpassed this with a total visitors number of 30,000! Despite the bad weather the show was crowdly visited and the visitors were certainly well entertained with the exhibited ships at the fair.

We thank you for visiting us and we hope to see you during our next events!