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Lengers Yachts Mallorca is officially opened!

On Friday the 26th of April, the opening of Lengers Yachts Spain took place. In this way we want to serve our clients even better in their sailing area.

POSTED On 10.05.2019

Opening Lengers Yachts Mallorca

The new office at Port Calanova, is located in the center of the worlds’s yachting spot par excellence. The choice to settle in Mallorca is more than logical since the island, with all her luxurious ports, is in the top 2 of world’s best yachting locations. The facilities are excellent and the climate contributes to making the island a wonderful holiday destination for large but also for small yachts. “To make something unique is never easy, but the result is exactly what we hoped for,” tells our Sales Director Mallorca Nick Gelevert enthusiastically during the opening. Since the majority of our clients is most likely to be found on the Mediterranean Sea with their yachts, we want to be able to offer the best service here too. “We have many Dutch, Belgian and German clients who like to spend their holidays in the Mediterranean. With the opening of the new office we can offer on-site service, support and maintenance. In this way we can receive our clients in Muiden, Düsseldorf and Mallorca to serve them optimally!”

Port Calanova is located in about five minutes from the bustling capital Palma de Mallorca. The ideal location and good facilities do not go unnoticed. “We have instructed the interior designer to bring back the feeling of freedom you have when you are on a yacht. That is why large windows have been used, allowing customers to look directly over the harbor and the water,” Nick tells. The port is new and has, just like the office, a sleek design. Fountains and palm trees complement the view.

“Port Calanova is a great mooring place, that is why the royal Spanish family can be found there regularly. That they love to visit Port Calanova says a lot about the aesthetic port with international allure.” Next to the 150m2 office, is an excellent restaurant. There is ample parking space, with a special garage for visitors from Lengers Yachts. The port has a 100-tonne crane, so that maintenance of the underwatership also is possible. Besides all this the port also offers a beautiful hotel, private pool and a new spa is being built.

CEO Bas Lengers is very proud that Lengers Yachts has now established itself in one of the most important locations in Europe: “Our most important partners are based in Mallorca. This allows us to act quickly which is pleasant for us, but certainly for our clients. The service we offer will be faster and more effective in this way. There also is an excellent connection over the water here and by plain you can reach The Netherlands, Germany, the French coast or the Spanish mainland within a few hours. We are now part of that!” Lengers Yachts is already one of the largest players in Europe, with the opening of the office it strengthens its market position in the Mediterranean.