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Prestige celebrates 30 years anniversary


Prestige creates exceptional yachts, designed to make the sea feel like home and exemplifies the value of luxury without pretence and without excess, based on the mastery of space and light.

POSTED On 17.09.2019

Prestige Yachts 30 years

Built in the French region of Vendée, by and for those who love the sea, Prestige yachts are the flagships of French marine engineering. Created in collaboration with the Garroni Design Studio as a range of 42- to 75- foot motor yachts, Prestige yachts truly are private islands, where time stands still.

At once a leader with the Flybridge line and a pioneer with the S-Line, Prestige offers a product range with clever, contemporary designs to meet international market demands. A success story that spans 30 years of design, development and passion.

The promise is that of a dream, that of taking to sea and always feeling at home. Prestige, above all, is where the sea feels like home.

And this feeling is created by an expertise that is both anchored in history and turned toward the future. Prestige will celebrate its 30 years by launching a new, innovative line, reflecting its capacity to initiate new trends and to create what will be the timeless design tomorrow.

We are proud Prestige dealer for Northern Europe!


The Prestige success story began in 1989 with the Prestuge 41. At the time, the ambition of the Jeanneau shipyard was to launch powerboats of over 40 feet. Inspired by trends of the time, the Prestige 41 would introduce the concept that the brand would soon become known for: timeless yachts with a stylish design, by Garroni Design.

Featuring a full design team, designing architects and engineers, Garroni Design is managed by Camillo Garroni and founded by its current President, Vittorio Garroni.

From the start, Prestige set itself apart by its international success. Each year, between 1999 and 2009, the brand launched a new Open or Flybridge model. This incredible productivity enabled the brand to build a solid European dealer network. The Prestige 30S, 32 Fly, 34S, 42S, and 46 Fly would follow, further building recognition of the shipyard. In 2008, more than 2000 PRESTIGE yachts were cruising throughout Europe

In 2009, Prestige opened further to the world, becoming a stand-alone brand and exporting to the United States and Asia. The following year, the Prestige 500 was launched: it was the beginning of an incredible adventure, with over 450 units sold around the world! This project by Garroni Design enabled Prestige to become, in just three years, one of the three premier brands in the American market of motor yachts of between 40 and 60 feet in length.

In 2009, Prestige became a completely independent brand, boasting its own production facilities. The shipyard has drawn on its industrial expertise with the infusion moulding technique.

In a historic strategic move, the brand’s autonomy accompanied the launch of a new, innovative product offer in the class of 50 to 75 footers on the international market. This evolution enabled the strengthening of the Flybridge and Sport Top lines. After the Prestige 500, success continued with the launch of the Prestige 550, followed by Prestige Yachts. A true expert in marine engineering, Prestige took the long view and developed new production capacities with the Prestige 750 in 2014, and the Prestige 680 in 2015. Since 1989, Prestige has perfected and reinvented an industrial savoir-faire honed by decades of experience at sea.


In three decades, Prestige has become a well-established brand, recognised the world over as a leader in the motor yacht market. More than 4,000 yachts cruise the world’s seas!

The recipe for success has been based on a desire to always push forward in strategic development, whether on the industrial, commercial or design front. 30 years is a lovely age to rely on undeniable savoir-faire and experience, while projecting toward an already radiant future.