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Sanlorenzo and Volvo Penta: the evolution of a partnership

Press Release, 22nd January, 2024 – Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of the partnership between Sanlorenzo and Volvo Penta. This collaboration again demonstrates the centrality of Sanlorenzo’s commitment to the ESG targets. In fact, the development of innovative technologies for carbon neutral power generation is the first pillar of the 2023-25 Industrial Plan, and in this area the group operates through collaboration agreements with the world’s leading energy and E-fuel players, with the aim of revolutionizing the entire marine industry.

POSTED On 22.01.2024

Consistent with the course mapped out in the "Road to 2030" strategy, Sanlorenzo has set the goal of launching the first 50 Steel equipped with a modular Reformer Fuel Cell system, capable of transforming green methanol into hydrogen and then into electricity to power all hotellerie equipment, and eventually recharge batteries, without the hydrogen being stored on board; leading, by the end of the decade, to the launch of the first superyacht powered solely by green methanol, a true answer to the marine industry's demand for carbon-neutral power generation.

This will be made possible by continued investment in innovation, the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions, and the enhancement of collaborations with partners that share the marine industry's sustainability goals, such as Volvo Penta.

The beginning of the collaboration between the two brands dates back to the launch of the SX88, the first in a range that would later be expanded into a full series with smaller and larger models. This represented a happy and intelligent synthesis between the classic motoryacht with flying bridge, of which Sanlorenzo was and continues to be one of the first protagonists worldwide. SX88 saw Volvo IPS1050 engines installed.

Volvo Penta presents at Düsseldorf 2024 the innovative IPS Professional Platform, developed on the revolutionary success of the Volvo Penta IPS with improvements in efficiency, extended cruising range, higher top speed and faster acceleration. It is an efficiency-based system designed to optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions, and whose technical features allow it to be installed on superyachts from 25 to over 55 meters in length with maximum speeds from 12 to 40 knots.

The agreement marks an historical step towards zero-impact yachting industry. As a demonstration of the strategic centrality that characterizes this partnership, Sanlorenzo decided to unveil at the Blue Innovation Dock in Düsseldorf the two new models on which IPS Professional Platform will be installed, as a world premiere on the yacht side: Sanlorenzo SX120, whose launch is expected in 2025, and on SX132, whose launch is expected in 2027.

Volvo Penta IPS Professional Platform is a first in the marine industry and an example of cutting-edge engineering, integrating seamlessly into Sanlorenzo's visionary yacht design. The platform is the latest evolution in Volvo Penta's fully integrated experience, from helm to propellers. Set up for the combined use of energy sources, from combustion engines using renewable fuels to fully electric or hybrid solutions, it ensures greater efficiency by optimizing energy use in real time based on cruising needs.

The two Sanlorenzo SX models will feature unprecedented flexibility in space, thanks to the compact size of the Volvo Penta platform: the aft cockpit area, will be able to be conceptualized according to the owner's wishes with the great benefit of the layout.

These two innovations represent the evolution of the successful partnership between Sanlorenzo and Volvo Penta, a collaboration that aims to pool efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the marine industry through the continuous drive for innovation.