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Sanlorenzo presents new 2020 models

In a perfect combination of craftsmanship, innovation, experience and passion, Sanlorenzo continues its unstoppable climb, demonstrating once again that nautical design is a creative, lively, versatile world in ongoing evolution. This is the approach behind the company’s new creations for 2020, making their seagoing this summer: the SX112 crossover yacht, presented in the first version with interior design by Piero Lissoni, and the 44Alloy and 62Steel superyachts. Three new models, different from each other but sharing the same focus on livability of indoor and outdoor spaces, and their relationship with the sea, taken to new heights through cutting-edge solutions capable of foreshadowing the requests of the market, thanks to ongoing research conducted by Sanlorenzo to always offer the highest quality of life on board.

POSTED On 08.10.2020

The world premiere of the new Sanlorenzo SX112 at Genoa Boat Show
Exterior Design: Zuccon International Project / Interior design: Piero Lissoni

With 34 meters of lenght, SX112 is the new flagship of the innovative SX crossover line, the first in the world of yachting, launched in 2017 by Sanlorenzo and result of the synthesis between the classic motor yacht with flying bridge and the Explorer type. An “intelligent” proposal where style, flexibility and functional quality come together in a shared language.

SX112 represents the consolidation of a path that began with the SX88, first, and then the SX76, a challenge that continues and is enhanced by new contents, proposing a new way of living on the sea: the barriers on board are eliminated, and the boat opens to the outside, in a close relationship with the marine context.

The design of the new model has been assigned, for the external lines, to the creativity of Bernardo Zuccon, of Studio Zuccon International Project, who has concentrated on reinforcing the “family feeling” of the range, bringing out certain linguistic choices such as the balance of the volumes and the fluid forms, and to Piero Lissoni, art director of the company since 2018, for the interiors of the first unit, who has focused on the subdivision of the internal spaces, in constant dialogue with their outdoor counterparts.
In line with the concept developed for the other models, the main deck has been organized as an open space, to maximize the relationship with outdoor spaces.

The focal point of the project is the new stern zone, which undoubtedly represents the most iconic area of the yacht, a choice that generates new suggestions and habitat perspectives based on an idea of the architect Luca Santella, creator of the concept of the innovative SX crossover line. A refinement and evolution of the design of SX88, the new model offers a spacious beach area of about 90 sqm, expandable thanks to folding terraces, composed of an internal zone with fitness area directly connected to the outside by means of large sliding glass doors that permit the owners to utilize the spaces in an unprecedented way, maximizing the indoor-outdoor relationship.

44 ALLOY: Endless solutions
The new Sanlorenzo 44Alloy superyacht, a 44,5 meters long fast displacement model, entirely in aluminium, which thanks to its unprecedented layout and maximum indoor-outdoor eurythmy takes the concept of livability to new heights.

The owner’s cabin, the conceptual fulcrum of the project, is conceived as a private apartment of 147 square meters divided into three levels, with indoor and outdoor zones, in a solution never seen before on a superyacht of this size.

A conceptual upgrade of the 40Alloy, a prize-winning icon, the new model offers surprising spaces for the owner as well as guests, such as the large beach club that opens on three sides, providing direct connection to the sea, while the foredeck, with its open area, offers multiple possibilities of use.

62STEEL: a new standard for metal superyachts
With an overall length of 61.50 meters, maximum beam of 11.9, gross tonnage of 1200 and five decks, the new Sanlorenzo 62Steel offers surprising solutions that set new standards in the metal superyacht sector. A proposal of elegant, timeless design and discreet, harmonious lines, thanks to ample volumes, an innovative layout and advanced technologies, to guarantee exceptional comfort and on-board livability never seen before on a model of this size.

A unique concept that translates into the incredible spaces of the vast, sumptuous owner’s apartment, the large main living area and the majestic beach club on the lower deck.

Among the characteristics features of the 62Steel project, the owner’s apartment has an area of 215 sqm, of which 75 sqm indoors, organized in the night time zone, a studio, two spacious bathrooms and a walk-in dressing room, and 140 sqm outdoors at the bow of the upper owner’s deck.

ESPACE and SP110: a look into the future
“Sanlorenzo is a true factory of ideas, in constant motion. Our thoughts are already turning to 2022, and we are preparing to expand our range with two revolutionary new lines that touch on two fundamental points: the personalization of yachts, increasingly shaped around the lifestyle of the owner, and the question of sustainability, with a greater focus on the world around us.” -
Massimo Perotti, Executive Chairman of Sanlorenzo

The new ESPACE, which makes its debut in 2022, represents the sum of all the experience and innovation of Sanlorenzo.
A metal superyacht with a length of 42 meters and large volumes, which combines independence, safety, flexibility and ample on-board spaces, with a dual spirit. On the one hand it stands out for remarkable navigation potential, typical of the Explorer models, while on the other it guarantees outstanding livability thanks to the longer stern zone, a large party area where the yachtsman can enjoy moments of relaxation with family and/or friends, in a single, unified space. The new model takes the bespoke concept – for which Sanlorenzo has always been a true reference point in the sector – to new heights, reflecting the desire to respond to a growing need on the market for a boat that is customized not only in the aesthetic details and layout, but also in terms of the lifestyle of the owner.

The focus on sustainability is another key theme explored with constantly greater attention by Sanlorenzo in recent years. Moving forward with research on technologies with low environmental impact, without overlooking the importance of the driving experience, Sanlorenzo has created the new SP110 model. An advanced, intelligent and highly evolved proposal that opens up a new chapter in the yachting sector, bringing together a green attitude with peerless comfort and performance.