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Sanlorenzo Superyachts return as protagonists at the Monaco Yacht Show

At the kermesse the Superyacht Division celebrates the sale of its new flagship, the 73Steel,
and exhibits two unique fleet models: 62Steel and Alloy.

POSTED On 26.09.2022

Press release, 26 September 2022 - Sanlorenzo lands at the Monaco Yacht Show, the world's most important nautical event for vessels over 30 metres in length, on the strength of its latest success: the sale of the new flagship, the 73m of the 73Steel line scheduled for delivery to the client, already a Sanlorenzo owner, in 2026.

Staged from 28 September to 1 October at Port Hercules, the Monaco Yacht Show will once again see Sanlorenzo's Superyacht Division among the protagonists with two of the most successful models in the Superyacht fleet: 62Steel and Alloy.

With its five decks and a gross tonnage of 1350 tonnes, the Sanlorenzo 62Steel is one of the most esteemed superyachts in the entire industry.

An impressive five-deck metal superyacht, first unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2021, the 62Steel boasts interior spaces that ensure maximum comfort for all guests. The special feature of this model is encapsulated in the owner's suite area, an airy space located on the upper deck that offers a breath-taking panoramic view and is connected to an outdoor bow area of over 140 square metres: an entire deck for the exclusive use of the owner. 62Steel is as much about privacy as it is about conviviality, with the main deck area divided between the saloon and dining room and opening outwards onto the large pool with its transparent floor, that becomes a sunbathing area when necessary. Four units of this metal giant have been sold to date, the third of which is scheduled for delivery in early 2023. As of the fourth unit, the project will grow to a length of 64 metres and will be renamed 64Steel.

Joining the 62-metre on the Monaco docks will be another proud representative of the brand's values around the world, winner of the World Superyacht Awards 2022 and here at its World PremiéreSanlorenzo Alloy.

A fast-displacement model measuring 44.5 metres in length and made entirely of aluminium, Sanlorenzo Alloy is the perfect synthesis of the typological experimentation that the shipyard has been pursuing for years to bring new points of view on board, exploring ever new scenarios to offer owners and their guests. With a layout that moves away from the traditional layout of spaces to take the concept of liveability to the maximum, Alloy is a superyacht that opens up to the seascape by offering surprising spaces to be experienced both inside and outside. These include the owner's cabin conceived as a private apartment of 147 square metres and organised on three levels connected to each other, with an indoor and an outdoor area.

The collaboration between the Sanlorenzo team and Bernardo Zuccon, who was responsible for the exterior design, made it possible to conceptualise, design and build a three-deck yacht that maintains sleek, essential lines and at the same time offers megayacht solutions thanks to its large volumes, in fact the GT are 490, the success of which is testified by the ten units sold to date.

An emblem of Sanlorenzo's sartorial approach, these two superyachts embody the craftsmanship, attention to detail and constant research dedicated to stylistic and technological innovation, the result of continuous, future-focused work, that lies at the heart of the Superyacht Division's prestige at international level.
A leadership in the metal sector which has been consolidated by the broad consensus achieved especially in recent years, by an unparalleled ability to foresee changes in market needs and by an astonishing mastery in guaranteeing its customers the most complete sailing experience on the open sea, a true superyacht experience.