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Sanlorenzo unveils the new 2021 models

On the occasion of the press conference preceding the start of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, held in the splendid sorroundings of the French Riviera, at La Plage, Barriere le Majestic, Sanlorenzo presented the new models of the range.

POSTED On 06.09.2021

After revolutionising nautical design with the launch of the world's first asymmetrical model, Sanlorenzo continues to rewrite conventional on-board balances by introducing two new asymmetrical models to the market: SL90A and SL120A.

The concept of the asymmetrical line is the result of the successful encounter between creatives with very different experiences and perspectives: from an original idea of Chris Bangle, the brilliant car designer, to Bernardo Zuccon, designer of the external lines, up to Sanlorenzo’s ability to translate even the most complex proposals into reality.

Entry level of this line, it represented a great challenge from a design point of view: by virtue of its small size compared to the sister ships, the new model entailed a significant commitment to stylistic and functional management that has made it possible to continue and consolidate the theme of asymmetry even on a yacht under 30 metres.

The new flagship of the asymmetrical Sanlorenzo line, SL120A takes the concept of asymmetry to its maximum expression: space, comfort, functionality, great flexibility of use and a strong connection between interior and exterior volumes. A new proposal for living as though suspended above the sea.

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Asymmetry is also at the heart of the innovation of the new model in the shipyard's semi-displacement line, which has been developed on the upper deck, allowing a direct view of the sea from both sides and generating a total connection between inside and outside. The innovative layout made it possible to create a boat with a tonnage of 290 GT, which is a significant volume for a yacht of this size.