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Sanlorenzo’s new SL96Asymetric

Sanlorenzo extends the range with a bold new project to debut at Boot Düsseldorf 2020 that redefines on-board harmony for greater liveability and flexibility of use: SL96Asymmetric.

POSTED On 31.05.2019

Sanlorenzo SL96Assymetric

In continuation and consolidation of last year's concept for the first asymmetric yacht in the world, the SL102Asymmetric, we can see Sanlorenzo showing its particular skill when it comes to working on the concept of space-manipulating it at will to satisfy our customer's desires.

The SL96Asymmetric thus demonstrates the success of the choice of Mr. Massimo Perotti, Chairman of Sanlorenzo, to break the mold by going against the tide, to present a proposal never thought of before. The asymmetry has in fact made it possible to rethink conventional balance on board by offering not only volumes destined up to now for other uses, but above all creating new life scenarios, new points of view designed to intensify and favor that view, a physical and emotional bond that exists between man and sea.
With the aim of making more use of the interior spaces and having better communication with the outside world, SL96Asymmetric in fact rethinks the canonical layout of a yacht, retaining only the side decks on the starboard side and eliminating the left one, which is carried on the roof of the superstructure, allowing 10sqm of surface space to be recovered to the benefit of the interior, through this asymmetric configuration. Something which has never been tried before. A layout that, compared to a traditional one, offers more space, brightness, relaxation and better flexibility of use. The concept of asymmetry is the result of a coming together of different minds and types of creativity.

From an original idea by Chris Bangle, the ingenious car designer, to the yard's internal technicians and designers, to Bernardo Zuccon, the young architect, who together with Zuccon International Project is signing many projects with Sanlorenzo.

The interior design was undertaken by Arch. Laura Sessa chosen for her ability to translate Sanlorenzo's "made-to-measure" philosophy into the project, via her personal touch. In the interior design a great sense of union and coherence emerges thanks to the choice of materials and finishes that is uniform and evident in all areas. The colors chosen are those of the Mediterranean, a distinctive sign of Laura's projects. The simplicity of the internal panels also allows customers greater flexibility, as they can choose from a vast range of materials.